Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Walk

Sunday the 30th was a dry sunny day so a good turnout ensued, 19 eager walkers to be exact.
Several people decided to opt for the Hallowe'en fancy dress look and quite impressive it was too.
Costumes ranged from witches outfits to a rather anaemic hunched back Dracula. The Hunch back was
unintentional as it was just his rucksack under his cape. We took in a few of the popular sites of interest
i.e. The Golden Stone, Stormy Point, The Druids Circle, The Armada Beacon, Castle Rock, and The
Wizards Well.
Time to progress to the serious walking so we marched down the hill from Stormy Point to the bottom
track which led to the woods but only after we had spooked a young boy who had gone off screaming
to his parents, 'I 've just seen some witches, I 've just seen some witches, Help! Help!'
Thankfully he hadn't spotted the hunched back blood sucking Dracula as well,(Campbell at his best)
or we may have damaged his mind for life.
The woodland walk sauntered through Clockhouse Wood where we took a break for lunch , altogether
a rather nice spot I thought, lots of fallen trees to sit on to keep Yer 'Bum' dry, hundreds of acorns scattered
about as well, not a hungry Squirrel to be seen.
We then continued on to Hare Hill and eventually the walk ended back at the Wizards tea Rooms,
where believe it or not we all had tea.
I certainly enjoyed myself and I think all the others did as well.    
Cheers for now, Pete.