Sunday, 26 February 2012

Family Walk 26th Febuary

Family Walk

February 26th saw the first family walk of 2012, with Christmas and New Year now a distant memory. Four families, made up of 6 adults and 6 junior members set off from Whaley Bridge along the old Cromford and High Peak railway route. The children ranged from 7 to 11 in age and were all boys. It was the first time on a SWOG family walk that we haven't had boys and girls along as far as I can remember.
We headed up via Taxal to Taxal Moor, stopping to admire the view across the Goyt valley and to take photos. Lunch was at the top of the hill, with views in the opposite direction towards Lyme Park. Then down into Kettleshulme and back to Whaley Bridge along Kishfield Lane, pausing at Kishfield Bridge to play poohsticks with very big sticks and to watch a heron. All in all a very respectable 6 miles and with no complaints except about the country smells!

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kettlewell Hostel Weekend

Kettlewell Hostel Weekend


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Sunday, 12 February 2012

North and South Walk 12 February

North & South Walk

Only 6 was on the walk, but I was glad of that as any more would have been hard to control when everyone was on the ice.  Four of us had spikes and two did not.  Credit goes to them on how they got round the walk. In places the paths were solid rutted ice.
Pity it was foggy all day on the walk until the last 5min when it cleared up.  The walk took us up to Darwin sunny Tower. No sun could be been seen even when we climbed the tower stone steps to the top.  It was fun as we went up the dark ice covered steps to the top. The views would have been good. From here we headed to Entwistle Station along the trail.  Some path s were hard to find in the fog but we got there  and had a nice pint at the Strawberry Duck pub.  The men loos were different the normal.
From here it was along a very long stretch of a ice path. Must have been at least a mile, but it must have  felt like 2 miles to Mark and Dave.  Soon we reached the road where we found better tracks where we ploughed on until just near the end where map and gps was not matching up. Again the fog was causing us problems finding paths, but it was sorted out we were back on track to the tower as the fog cleared.  The last ½ miles was back in the dark but everyone went home with a smile. Also feeling fit after a good workout and as I say there is NO Gain With Out Pain if you want to get fit. 12.8 miles with not much climbing.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012