Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Walk

Sunday the 30th was a dry sunny day so a good turnout ensued, 19 eager walkers to be exact.
Several people decided to opt for the Hallowe'en fancy dress look and quite impressive it was too.
Costumes ranged from witches outfits to a rather anaemic hunched back Dracula. The Hunch back was
unintentional as it was just his rucksack under his cape. We took in a few of the popular sites of interest
i.e. The Golden Stone, Stormy Point, The Druids Circle, The Armada Beacon, Castle Rock, and The
Wizards Well.
Time to progress to the serious walking so we marched down the hill from Stormy Point to the bottom
track which led to the woods but only after we had spooked a young boy who had gone off screaming
to his parents, 'I 've just seen some witches, I 've just seen some witches, Help! Help!'
Thankfully he hadn't spotted the hunched back blood sucking Dracula as well,(Campbell at his best)
or we may have damaged his mind for life.
The woodland walk sauntered through Clockhouse Wood where we took a break for lunch , altogether
a rather nice spot I thought, lots of fallen trees to sit on to keep Yer 'Bum' dry, hundreds of acorns scattered
about as well, not a hungry Squirrel to be seen.
We then continued on to Hare Hill and eventually the walk ended back at the Wizards tea Rooms,
where believe it or not we all had tea.
I certainly enjoyed myself and I think all the others did as well.    
Cheers for now, Pete.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Haworth Weekend

This was my very first weekend away with the group and I have never been hostelling before.

I was looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and fear.
However I need not have worried because everyone was very helpful and welcoming.
Thanks in particular to Pete N and Sue W for organising the weekend and providing the lifts.

I was very surprised that the hostel was so comfortable and warm. The bunk beds were very cosy.
I took advantage of the catering provided by the hostel. The breakfasts and evening meals were good value.

On Saturday a party of about 10 of us did a circular walk to the railway museum and back.
The walk turned to be 7 and a half miles and with all the hills and tramping through the heather and bracken I did find this to be somewhat strenuous.

Therefore on the Sunday I was happy to spend a more relaxing day  visiting Cliffe Castle.
This was after we had spent some time in the morning searching for a bus museum.
After Jules had got his wife in London to look it up on the internet, we eventually did find it only to discover that it  was shut anyway !!

Thanks again to everyone for making me so welcome, I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.



Set one of Photos 

Set Two of Photos

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wetton 16th October


The weather did not look too good as we drove away from Torkington Park. Even more mist as we went though Buxton.  But 14 of us arrived at Hulme End Car Park. We welcomed Ken a new member.
Walk was going to be about 11.5 miles and the first 6 miles was very flat as we walked along the Mainfold Way. We still had a low mist but as we were in the valley it did not matter.  Soon the request came for a morning break and we settled down for 15 mins near Dale Farm.
We carried on for about 1.5km and we took the path heading towards Wetton. Still a few thought we were going there. But with in 400yrds we took a right fork up to Thor Cave.  We climb the steep steps up to the Grand entrance of the cave. John did say we not got to go all the way back down. Yes we do. But in the end he found it was worth the climb as he never been they’re before and by now the mist has gone. Giving blue skies. Few of us climbed up into the cave on the very smooth rocks. It was like walking on ice. Then we had the fun bit of getting back down. Helen Mann was enjoying taking the photos of the men’s bottoms as they struggle out of the cave.
So back along the trail heading south then a quick up onto Larkstone way.  Where we had lunch looking down on the Mainfold way. Hoping the pub was still open, which it was at Hopedale. The Russell Watts was open where we had a quick pint of Thornbridge. Sat outside soaking the last of the summer rays. Jack was impressed that he never been to this pub before as it is tucked away. Less then a mile away is Alstonfield that would be full of walkers. We had this little gem.
It was now that we turned north to head back towards the cars. The next stage was over fields and to the highest point of the day. Ecton Hill 369m. We had good views all round at the remaining sunlight.  From here it was down the hill to rejoin the Manifold trail.

More Photos Here

Family WAlk 16th October

Family Walk, 16th October, Pott Shrigley
We started in drizzle and mist and arrived at the top above the old quarry then went off-route to locate a geocache. Directions were to align the "trig point" and Croker Hill then walk 10 paces back and find a small pile of stones. Unfortunately we couldn't see Croker Hill but we eventually found the Cache once we realised the trig point was actually a mine shaft cover and paced around a 10-pace radius! Back onto the route we soon reascended to the ridge and reached Dale Top.On the way around to Bowstones Cottage the mist lifted, along with spirits of the younger participants. We had lunch at the gate before entering Lyme Park then traversed around the perimeter to the old Hunting Cottage. Those children still in waterproofs then enjoyed sliding downhill on wet grass (and so did those not in waterproofs, though less effectively!). With glorious views over the cheshire plain we watched a few planes landing then continued in lovely sunshine to complete the circuit via the "trig point" above the old quarry.
Attendees: 12 (5 adults, 7 children)
Hope you had a good day too,
Best wishes,

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hobson Moor 2nd October

The revised hike on Sunday 2nd October finally commenced from the far end of Hobson Moor Road at 10.30am in reasonable weather conditions. The leader, accompanied by a prospective new member, Wendy from Gee Cross, was joined by fifteen club members eager to enjoy the splendid views afforded on this hilly Dark Peak hike.
Ascending Hobson Moor we were able to clearly see Shutlingsloe and Shining Tor far away to the south. Descending on the Stalybridge side of the ridge the full vista of Greater Manchester lay before us and, as were turned  northwards, the line of hills leading to Saddleworth caught our attention. Descending we reached the eastern edge of Walkerwood Reservoir (the first of umpteen reservoirs to greet us on the hike). Soon after we stopped for a tea break before we began to climb to Higher Hydegreen.
It was along this stage that I was able to check with Helen M that she was still spot on with following our route on her map (nice to see someone taking an interest in following the route - well done Helen!). Soon we swung to the right, taking the broad but stony Pennine Bridleway around Harridge Pike. Some members found this section tough and thus lunch was taken soon after the crest had been passed.
After a leisurely lunch we descended and crossed the flat section between Higher and Lower Swineshaw reservoirs. Still following the Pennine Bridleway we crossed the bridge over Ogden Brook to eventually enter Tintwistle via Arnfield Lane. We called in at the lovely old Bulls Head for refreshments; the leader much in need of his pint of Timmy Taylor's Landlord. Eventually we bade the pub "au revoir" and headed in search of Devil's Bridge (sorry, still haven't discovered the derivation of it's name despite Googleing it this morning), which we reached via the path around the top half of Arnfield Reservoir and skirting Hollingworth Nature Reserve. In light drizzle now we battled our way up and through the jungle-like terrain  to Lower Bank where, to regain our breath and because the drizzle had ceased, we took our final break.
On reaching the private section of Hobson Moor Road near to Hall Farm we turned westwards and headed along the fairly flat lane towards Higher Landslow Green Farm accompanied now by some rain. A short climb on tarmac brought us back to the start point at around 4.30pm. It had been intended to visit the trig point at 399 metres at the top of Wild Bank Hill as a final challenge but that will have to keep for another time!
Les Hodgson