Sunday, 31 July 2011

Monsal Trail Tunnels Walks, Sunday 31st July

Monsal Trail Tunnels Walks,
Jack's Walk
Fourteen of us set out from Millers Dale Station on tracks that had only
recently been opened up to us through the old railway tunnels on the
Monsal Trail. We set off along the spectacular section of track above
Chee Dale, obtaining many new views of the valley below. There were
three tunnels along this section several of them leading onto bridges
high above the river. At the end of Chee Dale we had our longest climb
of the day up to Blackwell and Priestcliffe. The route then took us down
High Dale before ascending again for lunch with a fine view over Monsal
Dale. After being suitably refreshed a descent was made to Monsal
viaduct and then progressed through Monsal Tunnel. We then looped round
to the outskirts of Ashford before returning to Monsal Head for a
welcome ice cream break. The final part of the journey took us through
Cressbrook and Litton Tunnels before our return to Millers Dale

Vince's Walk
The shorter walk also started at Millers Dale station from where the two
walks split. Taking in just two of the five tunnels the first and
longest Litton brought us out to spectacular views which got even better
as we approached the second, Cressbrook, looking out over
Water-Cum-Jollydale to Cressbrook Hall, a very popular stop for taking
photos. There was then a short climb up to Monsal Head where lunch was
taken and (of course) a very welcome cup of tea. Then it was back down
past Cressbrook Mill and along the river to Millers Dale and The
Angler's Arms where surprise surprise we were not the last to arrive!!
Thanks to Vince for another lovely walk.
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Family Camping Weekend

22-24 July Family Camping Weekend

Five families arrived in Dent on a sunny Friday and set up camp in High Laning campsite. The campsite had a daunting set of rules including 'No ball games' - gulp. How do you entertain ten children aged from 5 to 11 without throwing or kicking a ball around? Fortunately there was a wooded picnic area in the neighbouring field, ideal for football, den building and all sorts of imaginative fun. The kids were close enough to be checked up on but out of sight, allowing the adults to relax and enjoy a guilty beer in peace. Peace, that is, until the midges came out.
Extra excitement was provided when an unfortunate combination of car, keys and children resulted in Helen and Pat being locked out of their car with the camping equipment inside it. A call to breakdown services sorted the problem. The rescuer had a fascinated audience for his breaking-in technique, showing the educational value of outdoor weekends.

Saturday was another fine day. Dave headed off to Morecombe Bay to run a half marathon. The rest of us set off walking up Whernside from the Dent to Ingleton road and had lunch on the summit. There were clear views in all directions.
It was a busy day on the Yorkshire Three Peaks route and we were glad to leave the main path to head back towards Dentdale.
After an unsuccessful attempt to follow Hacker Gill we regained the main path and walked down to the valley to where the drivers had moved the cars. Then back to the campsite for a barbeque and to see Molly, Jackie and Clint who had arrived in their camper van.

Sunday brought more sunshine. After packing up, four of the families headed up Flintergill from Dent village, stopping to admire the 'wishing tree' and other points of interest.
On reaching the upper path our progress was halted by the discovery of bilberries, and the formation of the Black Tongue Gang.

Eventually we headed down for an ice cream and the drive home.
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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk - Northwich to Warrington

Cheshire Ring Canal Walk -  Northwich to Warrington
It was overcast and gloomy as I set off on Sunday morning. Unfortunately this was as good as it got weather-wise. Our usual gang of four met up at Stockport station : Linda, Tracy, Sue and myself. We alighted at Lostock Gralam in a murky drizzle.
We proceeded along the canal to the Anderton boat lift. We stopped to watch a trip boat descend slowly on the lift (‘it’s health & safety’ we were told, accounted for the slow progress). The prospect of tea and cake from the well appointed cafĂ© was too much to resist and it was nearly mid-day before we continued on our way.
It would now take too long to get to the planned pub stop for lunch; so we sought shelter  under a suitable bridge to partake of our victuals. It was mid afternoon by the time we did make it to the pub above Preston Brook tunnel. We had an extra round of drinks in the vain hope that the rain would relent; had we waited for the rain to stop we would certainly still be there now.
We trudged on along the Bridgwater canal in the gathering murk. Somewhat bedraggled, we finally made it to Stockton Heath. The bunting had been put out to mark us completing the Cheshire ring, some one hundred miles; but that was about all that could be said in its favour.
A visit to the adjacent hostelry failed to lift Sue’s spirits; Sue was thinking of sunnier climes and wishing that she had dry feet……

We splashed our way back to Warrington; hoping for better weather on our next canal jaunt.

John H
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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hayfield Walk 3rd JUly

Sunday 3 July. Hayfield short walk (!) led by Denise

My first walk with SWOG as a leader and I think I will go down as “D minus and the scenic route girl”.
Lovely sunny day, with cooling breezes on the hills. 8 of us set off from Torkington and met 3 more at Bowden car park.
We walked up Kinder Road and took a slow ascent to Broad Clough with a drink stop looking across to Kinder Downfall. Past Kinderlow End we dropped down to the midpoint of Oaken Clough and had lunch Part 1 at a bridge crossing of the river Sett. There followed cardinal mistake of yours truly missing the correct trail up to South Head so a near vertical ascent reached the track just below the summit, where lunch Part 2 took place to revive us all. It was plain sailing from then, dropping down to the village by the back of Mount Famine and down Highgate and back to the Car Park via the camp site. Half partook of a well deserved swift one at the Sportsman. Apart from the “heart stopper” up to South Head, I think all enjoyed it and let me off with a caution.

Best Wishes
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