Monday, 25 March 2013

Sunday 24 March 2013 Denise’s Walk Plan A, B, C!

Sunday 24 March 2013 Denise’s Walk Plan A, B, C!

This weekend reminded me of my walk about a year ago on 4th March both for the low turnout (4 then, 5 this time) and the somewhat inclement weather. Some monitoring of weather and travel went on between Colin and myself in the days running up to the weekend, with passing thoughts of possible cancellation occurring.

The brave souls playing at “Scott of the Polar Regions” were myself, Peter and Helen, Harvey and Colin. Plan A had to be abandoned, as the A58 was cut off which prevented us going to the White House Pub up near Blackstone Edge. Colin phoned on the mob, as he had travelled directly from home, and said he was at the car park at Hollingworth Lake, snow-free by a miracle.

We set off at 10.30 having made Plan B, which was to head for Blackstone Edge via Ealees and Lydgate, then drop down just south of the M62 and back to the Lake. The wind was howling and progress was slower than usual. Our morning snap was in the shelter of a parked 4 by 4 at the edge of Lydgate. The wind was full on down the minor road leading up to the A58, measured at 36mph by Colin’s clever little gismo and yours truly felt it could sweep me away completely. At the road junction, a decision was taken to make Plan C, as Blackstone Edge could be positively dangerous, being that much higher.

Back down to Lydgate, with some hysterical laughter as I plunged almost waist deep and had to be hauled out by Helen by my rucksack strap. We took the track southwards, parallel to the pylon lines, so at least had the wind at our backs. As we stopped to decide on where to try and have lunch, two chaps arrived saying “Don’t stop, we have been using your foot tracks to ease our way!”. They both had very posh long lens cameras and were out to find beautiful photos – no shortage there.

We found shelter behind a wall and made seats into the drifted snow for a relatively comfortable lunch with views of Benny Hill (to Helen’s amusement) and the very grey wind-whipped Hollingworth Lake.

Finally we headed down to Scholfield Hall where we were bombarded by the buzz of the M62 which passes nearby on a high viaduct. Up a sheltered sunken lane, down through a wood, across a surprise boggy patch to the lane past oddly named Peanock Farm. This looked abandoned, as both the garage and front door were totally covered in snow. Perhaps the owners were in sunnier climes.

A short walk through bungalowsville took us back to the Lake Car Park after an exhilarating walk. Many thanks to Colin for his help both in sussing out the road closure in advance and suggestions of good traffic map/weather sites on t’internet beforehand. Think SWOG members will be looking warily at my walks, though I have led some sunny ones in the past!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Derwent 17th March 2013

Derwent 17th March 2013

After a poor weather forecast on Tuesday for Sunday the forecast was 100% out.  Ten of us had a dry day for the St Patricks Derwent Walk. Bit of a cold wind on top but it did not affect us. What I forgot to say about the walk was the free Guinness cake which went down a storm at the first break.

 The walk took us onto Derwent moor along the edge taking in Wheel Stones, Salt Cellar Rocks, Cake of Bread and onto the twig point of Back Tor for lunch. Where we opened the cans of Guinness that we took up.

 We then took the path which would lead us down to the road that runs around Dewent where we had the long flat easy walk back to the cars. Unfortunately we did not see Joan and Alison Hinsley who were doing a walk from Fairbottom car park. We were only about 1/2 mile apart. Then some us stopped of at the Snake inn on the way back home.


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

Roaches Walk 3rd March 2013

Roaches Walk 3rd March 2013

Sunday saw 22 of us out on a walk round The Roaches, on a day that was finally feeling more like spring, at least initially, with the first shorts of the year out.

Parking at the base of The Roaches, the first part of our walk took us straight up onto The Roaches. After initially heading straight for a sheer rock face (which some of our members did attempt) we descended slightly to pick up the main path, and enjoyed good views in the sunshine as we made a full traverse of the ridge, enjoying elevenses in a sheltered spot next to the trig point. From there we dropped down to the road, where Linda fell over in her excitement at seeing an ice cream van. Thankfully after a brief rest she was soon back on her feet and ready to go again (Campbell having used the time to eat an ice cream).

We then headed downwards through a forest to reach the steep sided gully of Lud’s Church, where we spent some time looking round before continuing down to the river, and a pleasant easy walk along the river to Danebridge. There we ate our rather late lunch outside the Wincle Brewery, accompanied for some by an excellent pint of beer. However by now the sun had disappeared and it was feeling much cooler, so we pressed on, with a steep climb out of the valley soon warming us all up again.

A long gradual climb then took us back to the base of The Roaches, with an easy amble back along the road to the cars. Thanks to all those who came and made this an enjoyable day, hope to see you all again soon.


Kettlewell Weekend 23rd February 2013

Kettlewell Weekend 23rd February 2013

Everybody arrived for the hostel at 7.30pm and after the evening meal most people sampled the two local pubs.

Saturday morning greeted us with a snowy scene with snow still falling, this kept walks to a lower level and two groups departed along slightly different routes with the intention of meeting in the pub at Buckden.

The main group followed the Dales way to the pub in Buckden where the snow was falling heavily.

After a drink we departed to Starbottom and on to Kettlewell, it had stopped snowing and turned into a nice afternoon.

The group had a three course meal in the hostel, finishing in one of the pubs.

On Sunday morning the snow had melted at low level and after breakfast the group split with some going to Grassington and some starting at Conistone doing a circular via Bull Scar and the Dales Way.

The sun came out putting a great finish to a great weekend.

Special thanks to Pete the warden and his helpers for their hospitality, great cooked breakfasts and evening meals.


Kettlewell Walks 23rd February 2013