Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bleaklow Head Walk. 27th May

Walk Sunday 27 May Bleaklow Head            
It was a glorious day for our walk on Sunday as some thirteen of us set off from Manor Park, Glossop. We proceeded along Doctor’s Gate path towards the hills and had covered some distance when we were called after by a couple of guys on the hillside. No it wasn’t Statler and Waldorf but John G and Dave; they had started the walk early and had been waiting for us to catch up.
On Bleaklow a breeze provided welcome relief from the heat and there were fine views all around. (Can’t quite believe that I’ve written that; it’s more usually cold, wet and murky on Bleaklow).
On the way down, we stopped for a break and conversation turned to an uplifting encounter that Linda had recently experienced in the back room of charity shop in Sale. ‘It wasn’t like this’, said Linda, holding her arm out straight in front of her; ‘it was like this’, she added with a twinkle in her eye and incling her arm upwards. The shop assistant said that the guy had gone into the back to try on some trousers, and didn’t know why he had removed all of his clothes; but the consensus was that if you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it……
Linda was possibly still distracted by such thoughts when she slipped over shortly afterwards and bashed her knee. Fortunately Jackie came to the rescue with an improvised ice pack and we proceeded without further alarm.
Back in Glossop, we called in at ‘The Wheatsheaf’ for most welcome refreshment at the end of an enjoyable walk in good company. Many thanks to all who came along.
John H

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Todmorden to Manchester Canal Walk 19th May

Canal walk Saturday 19 May Todmorden to Manchester
It was a gloomy morning as we met up at Victoria station. We were delighted that our usual gang of four was augmented by Jackie and Declan. To our amazement we later  learned that Jackie was Declan’s gran; Jackie didn’t look old enough to be anyone’s gran; honest !
We alighted from the train at Todmorden and started by a look around the market; declared as ‘disappointing’ by a knowing Sue; none of the stalls seemed to have very much of anything to sell.
We set off soon passing a milepost that read ‘Manchester 22 miles’; deep breaths all around ! The first section was the most scenic as the hills crowded in on the summit pound between Todmorden and Littleborough.
It was then downhill all the way; we nearly lost Tracy and Linda at our lunch stop; the girls stopping at the ‘Sandbrook’ rather than ‘The Blue Pits’; well it sounds similar said Linda; and it’s on the canal. It actually turned out to be a good stop as we forsook the carvery and ate our sarnies in the outside area.
We proceeded through Castleton to Chadderton and the well appointed ‘Rose of Lancaster’; most of our party returned by train to Manchester from this point; but myself and Tracy continued on the final seven miles to Piccadily basin thereby completing the ‘South Pennine Canal Ring’. Now it’s off to the ‘Liverpool to Leeds Canal’ and the Peoples Republic of Wigan for the next walk.
John H

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wood Mine Alderley Edge 16th May

 Wood Mine Alderley Edge 16th May

On Wednesday evening 21 members met at the Wizard pub in Alderley for an underground tour of Wood mine. We were greeted by the Derbyshire caving club mine guide Paul Stubbs and his assistant the young Gareth. We were all supplied with safety helmet and miners lamp and set off through the woodland towards the mine. Part way there we were stopped by Paul in a large sandy clearing and given a history lesson, this area we were in held the processing equipment where the ore dug from the mine was fed into and eventually produced the copper we all take for granted today. We continued deeper into the wood land and eventually descended into the small adit entrance of the mine. We were taken through many passages and mined out chambers by Mr. Stubbs  and informed of the many jobs that people performed on a day to day basis from 5year olds both boys and girls to adults usually from the same families. His knowledge made the trip very enjoyable and I am sure everyone came away with something. The most amazing fact I learned was the sandstone rock known as the Cheshire fault which Paul pointed out to us whilst underground actually starts just behind the Alexandra hospital in Cheadle runs straight through Wood mine and eventually finishes in Stoke...Wow. A great evening and finished off with a beer in the Drum and Monkey.
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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mr Gregory Walk 6th may

Mr.Gregory again excelled himself attracting more than twice as many women as men, including new mamber, Sheila. Good to have you along Shelia!

It was a fine day with great visibility and views. We started at The Wash and followed a gradual ascent via Shireoaks Farm and the Pennine Bridleway to South Head, continuing via Peep O Day and Chinley Churn. An easy stretch along Overhill Road took us down to Chinley, finishing at the Cross Keys pub
- the leader's first visit there in 50 years! Denise was in fine form as usual, insulting mountain bikers and expressing her admiration of two fit young men in tights!

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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Wasdale Camping Weekend 5th 7th May

Wasdale Camping

Eight of us were camping at Wasdale Nt Camping site.  Six of us arrived on the Friday night where we set about  a BBQ and a walk down to the Wasdale Inn about ½ mile away across the river.  Five  hand pumps on and to Mark delight pork pies, but then they sold of the pies.  On the way back it was a bit nippy with clear a sky. Soon we were tucked up in our sleeping bags.
We woke up with with clear sky and we said we do Scarfell 977m route took us up Brown Tongue and up the screes to Mickledore.  A couple of us took different route up to Mickledore and other people followed who were not in our group. We watched them struggle up.
Once on top we had fine views with  the winds coming north the air was clear and you could see far. In the distance you could see the Isle of Man.  After a few photos four of us carried onto Broad Crag 934m. Two of us went down the path between the two hills before the rest of the party caught up.  It was then along the corrider route and back down to Wasdale Inn for a few beers before returning to our tents.
On the Saturday evening we were  joined by Brian and Ursula and they had few camp setting up nightmares. No stopper  for the air bed. So they had a very late meal of steak at 10.30pm, but it could have got even worst if Po got her teeth into the steaks on the BBQ. She was eyeing them up. Now if anyone is on camping weekend with Mark and Jackie and you go for a shower the same time as Mark. If  you need to pay for the showers make sure you are in the one next to him as you could be having a very long hot shower for free  of  charge. As the guy did this weekend.
The next day we looked at Yewbarrow but because Po had a sore paw we went up lllgill head and Whin  Rigg and returned by Miterdale. This was better as there was less stone paths and more soft ground for her. The day started with snow on Great gable, but then as the day went on it went to blue Sky's.  We got back to the tents about 6.30pm where we had something to eat and four of us went to the pub. Then it was a cold walk back to the tents. Plus this was the coldest night. As we went to bed we could see a hard frost on the inside of the tent.
Next day we all did are own thing before returning home. Brian came over to say good byes and to say after buying a new air bed he found the stopper on the end of the pump.

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