Thursday, 30 August 2012

Werneth Low 29 August 2012

When I awoke to the sound of heavy rain against the window on Wednesday morning, my first thought was "why on earth did I volunteer us to stand in for Denise when she told us she would not be able to lead the walk?" My second thought was "I wonder whether I can find an excuse to miss it and let Geoff lead it!)

However during the day the weather improved and I checked the BBC Weather to find that the evening forecast for Romiley was rain turning dryer. The forecast for Hyde was slightly better, but which is Werneth Low? It is in the middle.

Anyway it did not seem too bad when we set off early to try and park near to The Grapes. But there were cars everywhere! Were all these people coming on our walk? No, a notice revealed that there was a choir meeting in Gee Cross Community Hall (Gareth Malone has a lot to answer for!)

Clutching our cagoules we met everyone outside the
pub and set off, fairly briskly as we knew there would
not be much daylight. I opted to stay at the back to count people (36 and 2 dogs) and to let Geoff lead the walk.
But the weather stayed fine so there was no need for me to drop back to wait in the pub. 

We headed up to Lower Higham and the War Memorial
at Hackingknife, stopping briefly to look at the views across to Manchester and beyond before continuing up and across Werneth Low to the top of Joel Lane. Then
we walked along the footpath beside the road, passing the Hare & Hounds and down past Birches farm where we turned right to walk back down to Gee Cross and The Grapes.

Only a short walk to finish the season but it did not rain and we did not need torches.

As Geoff & I walked back to the car at the end of the evening it was starting to rain. At home as we watched some of the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics I heard heavy rain against the window, the day ending as it started!

Sue T

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rick and Helens 25th Anniversary walk 22 August 2012

A big thank you to everybody that came to walk and celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on Wednesday 22nd August and thank you for the presents and cards which were most unexpected. 

The weather was looking decidedly dodgy early evening but fortunately it settled down and turned into a clear evening. 

From my head count I believe we managed 22 and a dog which ain't bad for a midweek walk in the foothills of Kinder, following the Snake path past 20 trees up to the shooting cabin on Middle Moor and cutting down to Kinder Reservoir Dam. Down the steep cobbled track  and along the opposite side of the river, through the campsite and down into Hayfield. 

I had shortened the walk to take in the failing light as we move toward autumn and we reached the Royal Hotel in Hayfield by twilight. I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did
Rick and Helen.

Mellor Moor 15th August 2012

After a showery day the weather cleared up and 22 people ventured out including a appearance from SWOG royalty.

The walk started at the Devenshire Arms and proceeded at a swift pace to a track between Mellor church and Mellor church where panoramic views of Manchester and the Cheshire plains were viewed.We walked across fields and over stiles to shiloe road and proceeded across tracks along the top of Mellor Moor to a crossroad where it is rumoured a witch is buried.

Before we lost some members we swiftly moved on to the only trig point on Mellor moor where we paused to take in the views of kinder before moving to Mellor Cross which is a tribute to John Wesley (founder of Methodism).We then moved from one spirit world to another in the Devenshire Arms. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Grin Low - 19th August 2012

South Buxton Walk - Grin Low

The morning was bright enough as 15 of us set off on the ascent to Axe Edge Moor on the stony track where the walk began at the end of the metalled part of the Old Macclesfield Road, Burbage just west of Buxton.

Sweeping views were all around as we headed over the moors, including the wonderful view to Chrome and Parkhouse Hills and beyond. Within 2.5 miles, there was a mini deviation. Despite having recce’d the walk (honest Colin!).

Detour Denise missed the track (due to blathering) to cut off a corner down to cross the A53, so we dropped down the steep bank to a sheltered spot by what once was a parking lay-by, for morning snap.  At the end of the break a few drops of rain were felt.

We followed the young River Dove for a short spell before heading north through the dismantled railway track paths in the research laboratory complex.

The drizzle intensified and we were glad to get shelter in the stand of trees to the west of Countess Cliff Farm looking over to Diamond hill for lunch. The drizzle became stair rods, so we lingered a little before deciding we would just have to press on regardless.

By the time we had walked past Fern Side and the Buxton Riding School we were all pretty wet and at the sports field at the foot of the intended path up to Grin Low, an executive decision was made to cut that ascent out as the views would be much obscured.

At Poole’s Cavern a comfort and brief refreshment stop was made before we headed through Grin Low woods at the back of Green Lane, with minor deviation number two which led us out of the woods one track too soon.

 The group adjourned to The Shady Oak at Fernilee for light refreshment on the way home. Cutting out the ascent to Solomon’s Temple on Grin Low only curtailed the walk by half a mile and despite the vagaries of our British weather, the group enjoyed the 8 mile circuit, with plenty of laughs on the way.


Sunday, 12 August 2012

Eyam Walk 12th August

 Eyam Walk

17 Swogs and Swogettes set out from Foolow this morning, for what turned out to be a very nice days walking.

It was quite a warm day to start and we made our way down into Bretton Clough for our morning elevenses
from there a good track through the woods although in places still quite a bit muddy leading towards Hazelford, a sharp right turn at Tor Farm led us uphill to our lunch stop on a grassy hill overlooking Hathersage.

Finishing lunch we made our way over Eyam Moor and down into Eyam itself along the way passing Ladywash mine and Eyam YHA.  We stopped in Eyam for about 15 minutes to finish the last of our flasks and have a look in some of the craft shops in the courtyard, unfortunately this is where the rain came and then the last mile or so back to Foolow where we managed to grab a well earned drink in the very nice Bulls Head Pub.

Chris R

Sunday, 5 August 2012