Sunday, 28 November 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cheshire Ring part 3 27th November

27th Cheshire Ring part 3

Cheshire Ring canal walk, stage 3, Saturday 27 November
Macclesfield to Hyde
For stage 3 of our Cheshire Ring canal walk, in addition to our usual crew of Tracy, Linda, Sue and myself; we were honoured to be joined by Joan and Margaret, a new member. So, with the exception of yours truly, it really was a case of ‘here come the girls’.
We alighted at Macclesfield and started the walk by following the Middlewood trail out of town. Yes, I know that the Middlewood trail follows the course of the old railway line, but it sort of cuts a corner off, if that’s not cheating. Linda set out at an express pace but did eventually slow down a bit, so the rest of us were able to get our breath back.
At Bollington, the aroma of coffee wafting from the Mill shop was too much to resist and we stopped for refreshments. By the time we resumed our walk, the sun had come out; and this made for a lovely day for walking, if on the cold side.
We pushed on to Marple where we were due to rendezvous with Philomena by the locks at lunch time. Unfortunately we never did meet up because Phil had missed her train at Hyde owing to the fact that she had been waiting on the wrong platform; enough said……..
We pushed on to Romiley and did make our next meeting at John Gregory’s. We resisted the temptation to shin over John’s back wall and went the front way. John very kindly plied us with mulled wine, tea and biscuits before we made our way towards Hyde as it was beginning to get dark, including going through Woodley tunnel, the stygian gloom relieved by Tracy’s head torch.
Thanks to all who came along, and hopefully Margaret has not been put off for ever. And yes, a blog from yours truly without a single reference to a hostelry, what is the world coming to ?
Our next leg is planned to cover Hyde to Sale by way of Manchester including going underground at Piccadily, rumoured to be scene of the strangest of goings on, not that I’d know about that….
John H

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stanage edge

21st: Stanage Edge

Please click this link to see the photos of Campbell's walk:

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Hardcastle Crags 14th Nov

14th: Hardcastle Crags walk

13 members enjoyed a 7.5 mile walk around the Hardcastle Crags area near Hebden Bridge. We started the walk from the historic village of Heptonstall, dropping steeply down to cross the Hebden Water before continuing up Grimsworth Dean. Lunch was had at the pretty waterfall at Lumb Bridge before we continued the walk over Shackleton Moor and dropped back down to the Hebden Water.
This was followed via the picturesque Hardcastle Crags woodlands to Gibson Mill. We had welcome refreshments at the NT cafĂ© and some of the group visited the mill exhibitions and green energy engineering bits. The walk continued with a steep climb up to Slack village with panoramic views over the adjacent valleys. After passing the cottages at ‘Slack Bottom’, we eventually arrived back in Heptonstall. Several residents wearing cloth caps and clogs were observed exercising their ferrets before going back to the mill for the night shift while a brass band playing ‘On Ilkley Moor B’ah Tat’ could be heard in the distance. The weather remained dry throughout with some hints of sun. Not bad for a November day in t’Pennines. ‘appen we’ll go again. By ‘eck!
Nigel & Sue

Friday, 12 November 2010

Pub Night Joshua Bradley 12th Nov

12th: Pub Night Joshua Bradley

Friday night saw 14 of us at the Joshua Bradley in Woodley/Hyde. We found a nice spot for the night. Lovely large table to fit us all round. 3 hand pumps beers were on. One of these was a plum beer. Not sure if anyone had a pint of that.
Plenty of talk and laughter was going all night. Talking about walks, weekends away that are coming up and ideas for weekends away for 2011. Trekking holidays in the alps and  weeks cycling holidays. What a great night we all had.
Colin & Helen