Monday, 29 July 2013

Sunday 28 July 2013 Walk

 The Fantastic Four, a small but select band comprising Denise, Colin, Helen & Sheila, set off on a stretch of the Pennine Way from The White House Pub at Blackstone Edge in sun and fluffy clouds. The route took in Cow Head, Light Hazzles Edge & Reservoir and Warland Reservoir where we had our morning break in the shelter of rocks overlooking the Warland Drain outfall.  After less than half a mile we left the Pennine Way to head East on the Yorkshire  Reservoir Circuit, with a fine view of the Holder Stones. All around were lovely views of moorland, woods and the far away cityscape of Manchester. Turning south after the Cloven Stone, we found a sheltered lunch spot near the inlet to White Holme Reservoir.  Unfortunately, this was where our luck did not hold out after thinking we had escaped the forecast squally weather. 

 A few spots of rain as we packed up our rucksacks turned within a few minutes into a downpour, at times difficult to see through. Ironically, as we headed back on the stretch of the Pennine Way where we had first started, the sun came out again though not for long enough to dry us out. The lovely views somewhat made up for our soaking on our 8.75 mile walk.

Denise even smaller person Carter

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tour De Cheshire

Tour De Cheshire 28th July

Six team members took part in this weekends training "Tour de Cheshire". The ride was led by Sir Bradley Wiggins (Steve Weaver ) with several pick up points on route. The Froomes (Pete and Sue Hudson),Victoria Pendelton (Allison Weaver) and Laura Trott ( Paula) joined at the Deanwater. Sir Chris Hoy ( John Gregory ) in keeping with his recent retirement, had a late lie in and joined the team at Redesmere.

 We raced along the lanes and tried our rough stuff skills on the bridleway through Davenport Hall. David Brailsford and Sky team doctor ( Paul and Pam) joined the team for refreshments at The Bluebell and offer the team support and racing updates via Cycling weekly.

 After lunch the Froomes headed of to Congleton for a train back to Poynton. The rest of the team sprinted back to Stockport ,or Redesmere in Sir Chris Hoys case, surviving one torrential down pour on the way.

Well done team Wiggo.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sefton Coastal Walk 14 July 2013

Sefton Coastal Walk-Sunday 14th July

On Sunday, 18 of us set off on what was a very unusual and thoroughly enjoyable walk up part of the Sefton Costal Way. Things got off to rather a bad start when four of the party were led astray by their sat-nav and landed up in the centre of Liverpool instead of Crosby. It was decided that the main party should set off on the walk , whilst a few of us waited for the stragglers.

After a ten minute delay we set off passing the lakes in Crosby Coastal Park and then reaching the sea. Here we went to visit "Another Place", the 100 cast iron figures by Athony Gormley. Much hilarity followed as various poses were created with the statues. We set off again and shortly came across the rest of the party who had stopped for an unauthorised coffee break at the leisure centre. We were just about to set off when the ice cream van arrived, another delay! Eventually I managed to persuade my rebellious group that it might be a good idea to do a bit of walking. It didn't last long, soon we found some exercise machines on the prom, another delay.

From this point it was through the sand dunes and I felt at least now there would be less distractions. How wrong can you be, it was soon demanded that we had a relax and coffee break. Progress was steady for the next twenty minutes until we came across Alt Sailing Club. Here they were holding an event to raise money for the RNLA and it was not long before some of the party wandered in. I decided to throw in the towel at this point and declared lunch on the seafront in front of the club. Several of us bought delicious beef burgers, and a few managed to down a quick pint from the bar. By this time I was getting a bit worried as we had only travelled three miles in three hours!

I decided to crack the whip and apart from the odd stop for a rehydration break we made much better progress. At Formby we took the Red Squirrel Walk through the pine trees and over the sand dunes. It was requested that we take a look at the beach, but surprisingly we were soon sat on it. Several people went for a paddle and not to be outdone, Campbell went for a swim. I finally managed to drag everyone away and we managed to pick our way through hundreds of scantily clad bodies and down the road to the train station. From here we were quickly whisked back to our start in Crosby. Altogether a most pleasant and amusing day out.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Low Bradfield Walk 7 July 2013

Low Bradfield Walk 7 July 2013

Nine non-armchair sports fans decided to brave the fine weather and head for the hills, starting in Low Bradfield, an attractive village near Sheffield, we walked along Dale dyke reservoir that burst it's dam in 1864 killing 244 people.

 Then on up to Back Tor where most of the photos were taken for lunch and welcome shade from the sun (remember it) with great views of Derwent edge, from here the path is paved to prevent errosion along Cartledge Stones Ridge and then Dukes road.

A  visit to the Old Horns pub in High Bradfield meant a final climb to be rewarded by a very welcome drink, then down to the sound of leather thwacking on willow at the cricket match in Low Bradfield.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Skiddaw House Weekend 14/15th June.

Skiddaw House Weekend 14/15th June.

Eleven of us enjoyed the weekend at Skiddaw House, a remote hostel, one and a half hour's walk from the car park and  set high on the side of Skiddaw (at over 1500 feet, the highest hostel in England). 

The forecast had been atrocious and we all expected our time there to be wet, soggy and thoroughly miserable. In the event Saturday was a bright and breezy day. The unexpectedly fine weather lifted our spirits immeasurably.  

Four rather more intrepid members went off to conquer Skiddaw, whilst others opted for a gentler, bus-assisted circular walk of the mountain.

We were made very welcome by the wardens, Martin and Louise, and we all enjoyed the experience of staying at this traditionally simple hostel, with its cosy, wood-stove heated communal area and fantastic panoramic view.  A good range of beers and wines at very reasonable prices were available -guaranteeing a jolly time!  A tasty communal meal was prepared by the group's resident chef and this was followed by a lively evening of conversation, Martyn's piano entertainment, a sing-song and a darts competition of which Harvey was the eventual winner, beating Sue H  quite
decisively in the final! All great fun! We were joined by the only other people in the hostel, Robin and Jill, a Yorkshire couple who were walking the Cumbria Way, and who seemed to enjoy the evening with us.

Sunday was a gentler, sunny day. We reluctantly left the hostel at 10 and made our way back to the cars and some of us did a short walk in the hills over looking the lovely valley of St. John's in the Vale.

We were sorry that four members who had booked to go were forced, for medical or other reasons, to pull out. We send our good wishes for speedy recoveries to the "infirm" and hope that these four may have another opportunity of visiting this hostel. It certainly was a weekend that all of us would wish to repeat someday.