Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

2 December 2012 Kettleshulme

Sunday 2nd December, Kettleshulme 

On a bright but crisp morning, 24 of us set out from the parking spot half a mile above Pott Shrigley. 

I was feeling a bit lazy so I decided I would hand over the map reading to one of our recent map reading trainees, Karen. She made a brilliant job of it, with occasional assistance from our resident trainer Dave. 

We  climbed up to the ridge above Bakestonedale farm where we were rewarded with fine views in the clear air back to White Nancy and over to Shuttlingslow. 

After leaving Charles Head Farm we hit what would have been a rather boggy bit had it not been fairly frozen, one or two people still managed to fall in though. 

We soon reached Kettleshulme and headed to the White Swan. On enquiring we were told that we could not eat our sandwiches in the beer garden as they did their own food. We decided to send Campbell in to sort them out and they quickly relented. 

After lunch we climbed up to Bow Stones and then dropped down into Lyme Park where a large herd of Fallow Deer posed for us. 

We continued down to West Park Gate before crossing Bakestonedale moor and back to the cars. 


Monday, 26 November 2012

25th November 2012 - Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

Five intrepid walkers braved the inclement weather and set forth on the ascent of Pendle Hill, although due to the poor conditions the walk length was reduced from 8 to 5 miles.

 "Winnie the Witch", not currently presenting a halloween quiz was one of the walkers, and she explained that she was climbing Pendle Hill in memory of her ancestors who were cruelly condemmed at Lancaster assizes four hundred years ago. Winnie was in a particular buoyant mood as she had been given permission to park her broomstick in our car park.

Although setting out in poor weather, around 12:00 the promised break in the rain occurred and surprise views of the surrounding Pennines were revealed. The reduced length of the walk was appreciated by Winnie who was doubtless missing the aid of her broomstick.

Tea and scones in Barley village were much appreciated at the end of the walk.

Attendees: Chris, Christina, Denise Pete & Sue (Winnie)

Chris Hughes

Monday, 19 November 2012

18th November 2012 - Marple to New Mills

                     Marple to New Mills Walk

Lovely walk today in wonderful sunny weather with a great group of people turning up, 23 in total.  .

We stopped at the Fox Inn, at Brook Bottom for a nice pint and a sandwich, lovely pub  


Along the way we passed the Torr Vale mill, and Rock mill at New Mills using the Millennium walkway.  We saw the Hydro-electricity generator at work there,using Archimedes screw.  

                                        The children in the group enjoyed the playground!!


We then made our way back along the canal from  New Mills.

Thanks for turning up,  hope to do this again.

Alex Williams

16th November 2012 A - Z Manchester Pubs

Friday pub night on Bridge street in Manchester

Originally a children's refuge, now a noisy, dark bar on our A to Z tour of Manchester's pubs.

11th November 2012 Werneth Low & Compstall

Werneth Low & Compstall Walk

Lunch was taken in Compstall, recently erected village sign by local artist.

5th November 2012 - Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night On a a dry Saturday night 15 SWOG members turned up to see the Fireworks at the Piggy. The Fireworks lasted for 40 mins in all. When the fireworks were over we walked the 20 yards to the warm of the pub where we stayed for the rest of the night.

Monday, 5 November 2012

4 November 2012 Chatsworth Walk

Chatsworth Walk

Eleven of us arrived at Rowsley. Due to the sun not shining we were not going to get the full golden light on the leaves. Our route was to take us to Chatsworth and though several woods. The first hour was uphill but only 200m in all. The first wood we came Towas Bouns Corner then Rowsley Moor Wood before coming out onto Calton Pastures where we stopped for a quick drink. At 289m this was the highest point on the walk. From here we carried onto the Village of Edensor which is part of the Chatsworth estate.

Some of the group went into the church to have a look around, following this we then we went down the road to Chatsworth. We had lunch in Chatsworth, but soon the rain started so we made our way back where we crossed over the Derwent again and follow the river to Beeley.

We now proceeded to our last climb of the day. We went into Smelting Wood and again we followed a lovely track though to Rowsley Wood. Then we dropped down to Rowsley and the walk was completed by 2.30pm.

This walk was not about the miles, nor about going up high on the moors but to take in the short window span we have for Autumn leaves. Sometime we miss the chance and pass many woods in the summer, but don’t go back when they changing colour.

On completion of the walk we then all went to the pub and chatted the last hour away.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

26th-28th October Whitby Halloween Spectacular

27th October Whitby to Robin Hood Bay Walk

We woke on Saturday Morning to a cold and windy day.  We split into two groups with 24 members heading south along the coast to Robin Hood Bay.

The scenery along the way was lovely.  The weather remained cold and very windy but at least it did not rain.  However, we all did get wet with the wind blowing a back spray from gullies along the way, but it was fun running through them.

On reaching Robin Hood Bay we all had a quick look around and then made our way to various hostelries. A good day was had by all.

Staithes Walk to Whitby Saturday Walk Halloween Fancy Dress Goathland and Coastal Walk

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tameside Walk 21st October 2012

Tameside Walk

Nineteen of us set out in glorious autumn sunshine from Roe Cross to explore Tameside's Pennine foothills.

After walking above the old quarry and through the old rifle range we stopped for coffee and home made banana scones in Tameside country park.

Lunch was taken by Devils bridge before climbing to Arnfield and then down to the Bull's Head in Tintwistle for a drink in the sun, then through Swallows wood, which may disappear if the by-pass is built.

Linda as usual was keeping up her immaculate appearance by skirting the boggy Tameside trail and employing John G as her Mule to keep her feet dry!!


20th October 2012 Canal Walk Leeds to Bingley

Canal walk Saturday 20 October Leeds to Bingley
 We had our usual gang of four for our canal walk. We proceeded from Stalybridge to Leeds by train.

It was a glorious autumnal morning. The canal runs adjacent to Leeds station and as with so many city centre waterways, has been much improved over recent years with new bars, restaurants, office and residential development.

However, we soon left all of this behind as we strode out in a north westerly  direction. The canal immediately takes on a rural complexion, with tall trees and verdant vegetation on all sides. The wide canal and well maintained towpath  meant that this was as pleasant a stretch of canal walking as one could wish to encounter.

We stopped at a bench by a staircase of locks for some refreshments with various chocolate treats provided by the girls.

We walked on quickly covering the miles and had nearly reached our final destination at Bingley when we stopped for refreshments at Saltaire. This is a Victorian model village built by the philanthropist Sir Titus Salt to house the workers for his adjacent mill complex. Ironically we enjoyed a beer at the pub overlooking the river; this is a relatively recent addition as Salt was strictly temperance in order to protect his workers from the evils of drink. We had an enjoyable stroll around the village which is now a World Heritage Site.

It wasn’t much further to Bingley where we finished at the famous ‘five rise’ staircase of locks; constructed in 1774 and one of the ‘seven wonders of the waterways’. We had time for a welcome drink in Timothy Taylor’s ‘Brown Cow’ before catching the train back home.

We all agreed that this was one of our most enjoyable walks.  For our the next stage we will carry on from Bingley to Skipton early in 2013; details to follow.

John H

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

7th October 2012 Mam Tor

We set off from Stockport on Sunday 7th October from Torkington lodge with the sun breaking through on what was promising to be a bright sunny day. By the time we were approaching Castleton the view over the valley below was breathtaking with the sun shining on the low mist that covered Castleton and Hope Valley, it was simply stunning. 

We set off on our first climb of the day to Mam Tor up the steps and made our way to the trig point where we all stopped to admire the views of Hope Valley, High Peak and Win Hill. 

Any chill in the air had disappeared, the sun had well and truly broken through, temperatures were rising and we had lovely views of the peak national park and beyond. 

We continued to follow the path from Mam Tor to Hollins Cross and after dipping into Hollins Cross we continued along the ridge and with a quick steep scramble up to Bac Tor.  We stopped and basked in the autumn sunshine for a coffee break. The sun seemed to be lifting the mood and everyone was in good spirits. 

From Back Tor we continued another long and gradual climb to Lose Hill and continued a steep descent from here down across meadow and a few muddy paths where we passed some highland cows.  

We encountered some steeple chase runners passing us on their way UP Lose Hill!! (The mind boggles) 

We cut over the train tracks and arrived in good time in Hope where we Hi-jacked our usual pub.   Campbell had also managed to sign up a new member that joined us for the rest of the walk. The landlady kindly gave us permission to have our lunch in the pub gardens while we had a cool well earned drink. The wasps were unwelcome guests and after a lunch we headed off South on the road beside the church.  We took a right turn onto the public foot path where we followed the water back through fields with views of the remains of Peveril Castle on our route back into Castleton.  It seems we picked a busy day as the 21 mile Steeple chase began and ended from Castleton square.   

We arrived back in time to see some of the runners crossing the finishing line with a brass band playing and plenty of Bradwell Ice cream on the menu.  We took a short break to take in the atmosphere and rest our legs. Because of the lovely day and making good time we continued our walk through rocky Cave Dale with a steady stream of water running over the rocks.  

This was our final climb back up through the limestone way where we stopped again and sat in the sun for a chat and a few laughs before turning right heading towards Rowter farm and over Windy Knoll back to the cars. 

We all had a lovely day out and the weather was nothing short of perfect for a lovely day out with plenty of laughs along the way!

Joanna Winterbottom

7th October 2012 Marple Vale Walk

Twelve group members, including one newly-wed spouse, set off from Marple Bridge at 9.45am heading south along the Goyt Way, pausing to study an archaeological dig before a brief requested comfort break at the cafe by the Roman Lakes.

Progress continued to Strines station and then turning left uphill to Brook Bottom (the weather thankfully sunny now, with views of the Lyme Cage folly to the south).

Elevens were taken on the picnic tables by the Fox Inn before route continued uphill and soon besides New Mills GC.

The newer part of the golf course was traversed with a superb vista of Kinder Scout on the far horizon. Passing through the hamlet of Whitle, we headed up the road passing the Pack Horse Inn - pausing to say "hello" to a cute pony on our right.

Next we took a slanting path towards Briargrove Farm. Despite setting off on the intended path above the farm a slight navigational error meant that we eventually chose to take the alternative lower path towards Rowarth. This path was quite muddy and Linda struggled to maintain her pristine appearance!

Emerging at Hollinsmoor Road we turned right soon to reach The Little Mill Inn to be greeted by a thirteenth club member,John G, who was already seated in the sun. A very pleasant, sunny and leisurely lunch followed (a couple of the female contingent even purchasing chips from the bar!). Leaving the pub at 2pm we walked back up the road, turning left along Shiloh Road, later heading right and later besides Hilltop Farm and onwards to Mellor Church. Dropping down to eventually reach the main road we soon took the direct pathway towards Linnet Clough Scout Camp, pausing for a mid afternoon break on a grassy bank looking down towards Marple Bridge.

Later we unexpectedly encountered the Lilley family by the scout camp. After exchanging our greetings we turned downhill, to reach the Goyt valley, then Marple Bridge by 4.30pm,, pausing only to view a heron waiting patiently to claim his tea from the River Goyt.

 Thanks to Pete H, Harvey, Gill, Paula, Helen & Peter, Linda, Sue, Kevin, Tracey, John, and the newly-wed Mrs Sue Baynes for joining me on my Sunday hike.

Les H

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

15th September 2012 Sue & Steve's Wedding

Last Saturday two long standing members of the group - Sue Adams and Steve Baynes got married at St Mary's, Disley. The bride looked fabulous and the YHA men and women scrubbed up well. Congratulations to both. Peter Hudson

Monday, 24 September 2012

Wilderhope Manor Hostel Weekend 21st-22nd September

On the 21st September 28 SWOG members decended on Wilderhope Manor hostel which is a national trust grade 1 listed Elizabethan manor located on the slopes of Wenlock edge in Shropshire. Saturday began with a fog which quickly lifted to leave a sunny day. Four people cycled to Ludlow and surrounding area whilst the rest drove four miles to Church Stretton. After a few hiccups with parking we set off up the Long Mynd taking a path up past the golf club and across the golf course up to the top of the hill. We continued up to the Trig point alongside which was a view point showing all the major sites including the Welsh hills. The views were magnificent and after a lunch stop we walked along the ridge top and gradually dropped down to Little Stretton where we sat outside in a pub beer garden sampling the local beers and then gradually made our way back to Church Stretton. After the evening meal at the Manor we adjourned to the magnificent lounge for alcoholic beverages(the pub is two miles away). Entertainment included modelling knickers worn in the usual place and as headgear. Sunday morning was dry but overcast,three went cycling,four sightseeing and the rest walked from the Manor for a local walk of around six miles around the surrounding countryside arriving back just as the rain started. How not to cross a bridge!!

How not to cross a bridge

Instead of jumping two feet to cross a river. You could use the broken bridge.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Canal walk Sunday 16 September Wigan to Barton

Canal walk Sunday 16 September Wigan to Barton

We had our usual gang of four for our canal walk. We proceeded from Stockport
to Wigan by train. At Manchester the train was joined by a group of  lads on their
way home after all night partying; they looked like the weather : grey and pasty;
one lad had a cut above his eye and blood splattered over his shirt.

It was a gloomy Sunday morning, we hardly saw Wigan at its best ! We found our way to the main Liverpool to Leeds canal and then the junction leading off for
the branch to Leigh and Manchester. The towpath was in excellent condition
which made progress easy.

Sue had declared that the forecast was for rain at 11.00am which would then set in
for the rest of the day. Sure enough the drizzle started on cue at 11.00; but fortunately
quickly petered out to leave a mostly dry day.

We stopped at the pub in Leigh at about half distance for lunch time refreshments and
then proceeded in afternoon by way of Worsley to Patricroft and Barton. After Worsley the drizzle became more persistent. We abandoned any plans of walking on
to Manchester and instead sought out the bus back to Manchester.

We were treated to a bus tour around the environs of Pendleton and Salford, involving criss crossing the Irwell about four times. By this time it was teeming down, so we
were grateful to have finished walking. The bus eventually took us to Shudehill where we were able to catch the tram to Manchester and then on by train back to

We had enjoyed a good walk and thankfully had managed to avoid the worst of the weather, For our next walk we will venture on to the Leeds to Liverpool canal main line; details to follow.

John H

Chrome Hill 16th September

Fortunately the met office was slightly adrift on the forecast rain for Sunday 16th September when 12 of us set off to do a circular in the Longnor and Chrome Hill area.

There was a bit of an autumn chill in the breeze as we set off due west from Longnor market place along Gauledge Lane. As ever, the Denise variety of walk took in a variety of muddy spots, including the boggy meadows below Fawside, where Hawkeye Steve H spotted a heron taking off from the bridge over the budding River Manifold and later a buzzard was spotted swooping over the next valley.

On the Barrow Moor road, the leader was slightly led astray and we walked further up the hill past the intended turning. Only a matter of two or three hundred yards detour, which would have meant missing the carefully chosen snap spot with great views over the Manifold valley towards Longnor.

We received an atomiser spray of drizzle through the partially sunny skies, which stopped almost as soon as we set forth once more and for the rest of the walk the rain held off.

The path followed a steep descent to cross a handy little bridge over the Manifold, followed by a steep climb over cow-infested meadows to Ball Bank Farm. The ascent was more gentle at the back of the farm, through dying bracken and birch trees to the summit with wonderful views all around.

After several meadows on the flat, with fine views of rocky Chrome Hill the descent to Hollinsclough village for lunch was along an amazingly rock strewn lane and even Chris H said he had never set foot on it despite his years of plodding the Peak District.

Lunch in picturesque Hollinsclough had the luxury of bench seating and even a table outside the local church hall.

After the break we walked down to the foot of Chrome hill, taking a track which crossed a footbridge over the Swallow Brook bubbling on the way to join the Dove and past Packhorse Hill.

A gentle ascent across meadows took us towards Glutton Dale and a slightly steep ascent rose over the brow to take us to Earl Sterndale and the Quiet Woman. (How did Denise escape having her head cut off there!)

In the field at the back of the pub there were several little donkeys, including one who looked just like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh stories and on top of the hill there were magnificent views over the Dove valley where a stony path with harebells, purple scabious, coltsfoot and other flowers grew on either side.

Yet one more boggy bit to cross before the final slow ascent to the top of the hill behind Longnor village and just as some of us were entering the tea room, the rain started.

Steve H reckoned it was a “good” 8.5 miles considering all the ups and downs of the walk.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Crowden Walk 9th September

A very warm sunny Sunday morning brought out 15 swoggers for our Crowden walk.
On a very clear day we had some great views of Torside resovoir and for once fantastic views over Featherbead Moss
and Rakes Moss. Finishing off cutting across to Laddow Rocks down the Pennine way and having an ice cream in the new shop at the camp site.