Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday 29th December 2013/14

Seven members of the group braved the winter weather and walked from Grassmere to Allcock Tarn.
When we reached the top the views were excellent, it was a clear dry day. (but not dry in the pub).
We walked back down to Grassmere and hand a few drinks in the pub, to warm up.

Monday 30th December 2013
The same magnificent seven rode the bus to Ambleside, the weather was horrible, wet and windy.
Took shelter in the the local shops and cafes. Topped up our supply of Kendal Mint Cake and took
the bus back home to Grassmere.
In the evening we had a lovely meal at Tweedies and celebrated three birthdays, with lots of clinking glasses!!

Tuesday 31st December 2013
Ten of us went for a  short stroll around Rydal Water, surprisingly nobody went for a swim!!!
We had rain in the morning but it dried up in the afternoon. We visited a tea shop at the mill,
for lunch and still managed to eat more cake!!!
Everybody got dressed up in their finery for the New Years Celebrations, some people even wore skirts,and thats just the men!!!
  Fire works were set off at midnight and a fine display they were.
Lots of "happy new year" kissing and well wishing continued into the early hours - letting the new year in.

New Years Day
No hangovers were visible, everybody up bright and early (ish).
We all set off home because the weather was not very nice.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Walk

15 people turned up for the Boxing day walk at High Lane by various modes of transport including walking, cycling, taxi and by car. The 6 mile walk took us along canal paths, muddy fields and tracks to the White Lion at Disley where a leisurely lunch was enjoyed. Here more friends joined us for the afternoon walk.

There were great views all day and we arrived back at High Lane at about 3.30pm, just before it went dark. There were plenty of people out and about walking off the previous day's turkey and trimmings.
Grasmere here we come.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

  Over 20 people turned up at the Arden Arms Christmas eve pub night.

Plenty of new faces as well enjoyed the full range of Robinsons beer.

Plus the mince pies near the end. Sue Hudson thought she could do a solo for us.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mulled Wine Walk

The mulled wine walk was again a successful and enjoyable occasion. 15 of us
turned out, several sporting festive hats etc. as you'll see amongst the
accompanying photos.
We took a direct route to South Head which meant that most of the climbing
was accomplished within the first hour. After coffee we decided to take
advantage of the weather and continue via Brown Knoll to the top of Jacob's

The wind had freshened, but in the shelter of a wall we had lunch
and the very welcome mulled wine and mince pies.
It was then all downhill with good views into the Sett Valley and a return
to Hayfield by 2:30. The George Hotel provided the customary warm
hospitality for a festive drink.
A good end to our autumn programme and a healthy preparation for the
inevitable over-indulgencies of Christmas.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Jacks Walk 15th December

It was a very windy, but dry day for Jack's Lyme Park circular walk. About
12 of us (including new member Geoff from Disley - welcome Geoff!) battled
the wind and braved the muddy tracks on this invigorating,
blow-the-cobways-away walk. Unexpectedly the sun glimmered through in the
later stages and illuminated the landscape as we approached Sponds Hill and

Bow Stones above the park. High dry-stone walls provided lunchtime
protection from the wind and the predicted rain obligingly waited until we
had finished. Then into the White Horse, Disley for a welcome drink.
Thank you Jack for leading this walk -'twas a good day!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Joan’s Walk Sunday 8 December 2011

8 Swoggers set off on the walk from Bakestonedale Road just north east of Pott Shrigley after I had commandeered Howard’s car to make the transport work. Unfortunately, my co-recce buddy Denise was unable to come along due to a night out in sunny Southport.  Bob Whittall was impressed by my plan, especially as I was able to guide everyone across a muddy field without getting bogged down. It was a bit of a dull day so no spectacular views, but quite good ones. In the end no photos were taken. After the descent from Charles Head, a little interlude at The Swan in Kettleshulme punctuated the walk. Denise and I had made a bit of a mistake on the recce, thanks to the incorrect instructions in the walking guide. We did it right this time, with quite a steep ascent up Sweet Hill to the tops of Sponds Hill, where the path descended after a fairly level stretch to the start point.  The finish was quite early, 2.30pm, which was not so surprising, as Denise had been making heavy weather of the recce because she had only just got over pneumonia. It was lovely to see Jackie and Mark after a long absence. They had been having a weekend in Buxton, so thought it was a good walk to join. Approx 7.5 miles