Friday, 27 July 2012

Corbieres Pub Night. 27th July

Five people was out on Phil's pub night at the Corbieres Pub. Phil was not one of the five, so we did not no where the leader was. First time most people had heard of this pub. Quick google looked like it was a good pub with the best Juke box in town. You could easy miss as its in a back street just off cross street. That street that small you may have trouble doing a 3 point turn with a smart car. But once down the steps into the cellar we came across a two hand pumps of beer. The Pale ale was good. The main problem with the place was noise and it was not full but the sound just bounce around the curved roof. So we only stay for about 3/4 hour  and we thought we would go to the Shambles. Then we so the large TV screen and went to watch the opening on the London 2012.  So we finish the night there. It was a good party mood with all the different  people around from their own country's cheering on. There was a big cheer when the China team came out and that put a stop to a takeaway. I think most takeaway staff was in exchange sq.