Sunday, 7 October 2018

Walk Alport Castles 07/10/2018

Graham B. led a walk from Birchen Clough C.P. on the Snake Pass A57. E Roman road then N along Oyster Clough to Shooting Cabin (elevenses) S then E following contours Cowms Rocks, Hey Ridge, N along forest wall to Alport Castles farm. E then N into the gully between The Tower and Alport Castles (lunch) some members climbed The Tower. SE over Rowlee Pasture then S down a very very steep path to Rowlee farm SW over A57 Rowlee Bridge W  .F.B.  N over A57 W to Hayridge Farm W over Cowms Moor to meet the Roman Road again back to Birchin Clough. 16 and 1 new members enjoyed a bright cold windy day along seldom walked paths, 10 miles.

Birchin Clough Car Park

looking SW at THE EDGE of Kinder

looking S at THE EDGE of Kinder

The Tower at Alport Castles

Cary on the Tower