Sunday, 19 November 2017

Walk Buxton 19/11/201

Mark C. led a walk around Buxton.
Should he have called this THE QUARRY WALK????????
We parked near to the 19th Hole pub on Waterswallows Road and went E. along Green Lane, passed Waterswallows Quarry (basalt), through the middle of Tunstead works (limestone) quarry, then S. on Pennine bridleway dropping down into Cheedale. We went W. passing a disused quarry into Wyedale , then S. across A6, then SW. around Topley Pike quarry into Deepdale, lunch in a cave, then Backdale then Brierlowdale across A515. Then W. under a quarry rail line to the edge of Buxton quarry (limestone), then NW along a dismantled railway line next to Hillhead Quarry (limestone), then next to a disused quarry at Harpur hill. We zig zagged down to Grin Low road, then N. over Grin Low joining the A515 in Buxton. We stopped for a drink in the Wye Vale Inn (Weatherspoons) before returning to our parking spot. 17 members 12 miles.!

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