Sunday, 26 March 2017

Walk Whalley 26/03/2017

John E. led a walk from Whalley in the Ribble valley 13 miles.
Cary wrote; A party of ten, set off from Whalley on a gloriously sunny Spring day to walk in the foothills of Pendle. With heavy rain on the previous weekend, there were some equally glorious patches of mud to negotiate. Such is the price we pay for the abundance of summer greenery now promised.

Briefly wondering how the tidy hamlet of Wiswell had failed in 2013 and 2016 (Barley got it), we passed over Wiswell Moor for a lunch stop by the riverside in Sabden. A trog along a track, with sheep & lambs, a pose over a river bridge & we climbed to Padiham Heights followed by a descent to Read and the River Calder at Cock Bridge. A brief riverside walk before "the final hill", which turned out to be far from final. The owner of the Bloodhound house was very friendly: opening a gate & guiding us through the non-obvious route through a garden with a great view from the top of Whalley Banks. Thanks to John for a lovely route through this lovely area. More 11 miles than the advertised 13, but the pub was there as promised.