Friday, 28 February 2014

February 28th to March 3rd 2014 Rotherhithe YHA, London

Twenty one members visited our capital city last weekend and stayed in
the modern YHA at Rotherhithe.

The hostel provided excellent value
for money, with bed, breakfast and evening meal being provided in
London for £37.00 per night.

Saturday we did a six mile walk around the city and saw many of the
key "sights". These included:

The Globe Theatre, Borough Market, St Paul's Cathedral, Covent garden,
Trafalgar Square, Fleet Street, Buckingham palace, Big Ben and the
Houses of Parliament.

On the Sunday Ken Hodgson led a walk down the Thames to Greenwich
where most of us went in the Maritime Museum. This was enjoyably
followed by sampling some excellent beer brewed in the Greenwich
meantime Brewery.

An optional curry meal in the evening was well attended.

Our thanks to Ken for an entertaining day.

is a possibility of organizing a trip to Brussels utilizing the Euro-star train service for a future event.

Chris Hughes