Thursday, 11 April 2013

Daffodil Dell, Swettenham, 7th April 2013

Daffodil Dell, Swettenham 7th April 2013

Despite the fact that I had advertised this as a fairly flat walk, we soon ran into a bit of a climb on what was a rather eroded path. A new member to the group lost her boot and sock in the bog. The day was saved by Colin who fished out the boot with his walking pole but the sock was never found having sunk deep into the mud.

 We had a pleasant morning break on the banks of the River Dane. Eventually we walked past the Lavender Fields and ended up at the Swettenham Arms for lunch, where we met up with our cycling group. My original intention had been to visit Daffodil Dell, but this is now a private residence and regrettably not open to the public.

 The daffodils on the banks outside were still quite impressive and much to my surprise in full bloom. A pleasant days walk in an area not often frequented by the group.