Monday, 3 September 2012

Macclesfield Forest - 2 September 2012

When Colin asked for walk leaders, he did not stipulate that they needed to read a map...!?
 So knowing the route fairly well (ish) 23 of us set off in a misty start which unfortunately lasted all morning.
 As we approached Shutlingsloe, Jack opted to avoid the summit and led a few around the base. A bit disappointing to not get a view when we reached the top, but hey at least it was not raining.
 Jack insisted on promoting his ceilidh tickets during lunch and even managed to sell a few (thanks Dave). Dont give up the day job Jack!
 Afternoon coffee was with a difference for Howard who was seductively fed grapes by Jackie ( see photo - thanks Colin)
 Howard was also rendered speachless ( I know this doesnt happen very often) by Jackie during a very probing conversation that cant be printed. Its true.
 We had an early finish just after 3pm which meant there was plenty of time for a drink in the Leather Smithy.
Overall a pleasant 8.5 mile walk , with the weather being kind to us.
Thanks for the back up map Steve H.