Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bleaklow Head Walk. 27th May

Walk Sunday 27 May Bleaklow Head            
It was a glorious day for our walk on Sunday as some thirteen of us set off from Manor Park, Glossop. We proceeded along Doctor’s Gate path towards the hills and had covered some distance when we were called after by a couple of guys on the hillside. No it wasn’t Statler and Waldorf but John G and Dave; they had started the walk early and had been waiting for us to catch up.
On Bleaklow a breeze provided welcome relief from the heat and there were fine views all around. (Can’t quite believe that I’ve written that; it’s more usually cold, wet and murky on Bleaklow).
On the way down, we stopped for a break and conversation turned to an uplifting encounter that Linda had recently experienced in the back room of charity shop in Sale. ‘It wasn’t like this’, said Linda, holding her arm out straight in front of her; ‘it was like this’, she added with a twinkle in her eye and incling her arm upwards. The shop assistant said that the guy had gone into the back to try on some trousers, and didn’t know why he had removed all of his clothes; but the consensus was that if you’ve got it, you might as well flaunt it……
Linda was possibly still distracted by such thoughts when she slipped over shortly afterwards and bashed her knee. Fortunately Jackie came to the rescue with an improvised ice pack and we proceeded without further alarm.
Back in Glossop, we called in at ‘The Wheatsheaf’ for most welcome refreshment at the end of an enjoyable walk in good company. Many thanks to all who came along.
John H

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