Sunday, 4 March 2012

Whaley BRidge Walk. 4th March

Whaley Bridge

My walk, and what a start to the day. Rain and more rain. Met Matthew and Sandra at Torkington and at Whaley Bridge, Tracey arrived. So a small but select band.

The rain dogged us all along the canal, up and round the shoulder of Broad Hey Hill to Redmoor Lane where we sheltered under some holly trees for a quick hot drink.

Rain turned to sleet as we approached the Gritstone Trail and we were lucky enough to find shelter in the tumbledown barn to the west of Cock Knoll Farm where we had our picnic lunch. Whaley Moor was covered in snow and on the path below the shoulder of the moor, the sleet was lying in frozen shards. We did not deviate from the path to view the Dipping Stone and all of a sudden the sleet and rain disappeared so the walk down to Whaley via Stoneheads and Hockerley Hall was quite pleasant.

Of course, by the time we reached home, there was a peep of sun! However, we felt very invigorated by the walk despite the weather. (Approx 8.5 miles)


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