Sunday, 27 February 2011

Errwood 27th Feb

Yes It did rain didn't it. Even as we set off we could have been mistaken for a group of 22 people who
had just had a swim in the reservoir, the rain Gods certainly seemed to have it in for us but they overlooked our masochistic tendencies to press on.
As we arrived at the summit of Shining Tor the weather eased slightly although there was still quite a
bit of mist about spoiling the views, happily a quick 'sprint' to the Cat and Fiddle soon lifted flagging spirits.
We spent about 45 mins in this Pub where we left two of the Ladies still sampling the wares to be picked
up by motorised carriage later. (I think they just wanted to chat up the eight or so Bikers who had just arrived).
The jaunt down to Derbyshire Bridge was quite pleasant, clear skies and great views.
The path across Stake  Clough was quite 'Boggy' as expected  but not too much of a challenge.Once this had been
mastered the downhill stretch back to Errwood Carpark was a doddle.
I always find it quite hard to get up early on a Sunday morning to the sound of the rain beating on the windows so a turnout of 22 people on this walk was fantastic, as always I enjoyed the exercise and especially the company.
                                         Cheers Pete N.
Click here for photos of the walk.