Sunday, 31 October 2010

Shining Cliff Weekend

Weekend: Hallowe'en at Shining Cliff

Hi there, just a short note to thank everybody who attended The Shining Cliff weekend. I think I can take the liberty to say everybody seemed to enjoy themselves immensely,  the weather was good, the company was good, and the food and drink exceptional. The Hallowe'en theme was a great success and the costumes especially the masks  were very impressive.
The Saturday Morning started as it should with an excellent breakfast organised and cooked by Rick and Helen (see Ricks new book 'How to transport 40 eggs down a dark bomb cratered path without breakage').
With the breakfasts digesting well we embarked on the 6 or 7 mile walk to the ' Hollybush' at Makenay encouraged by the splendid Autumn colours of the woods surrounding us, and the prospect of over seventeen real ales on sale.
Saturday evening after arriving back at the Hostel individuals treated themselves to a 'power shower'  ( I think not). As Jo got her wonderful chilli on the go to cater for the masses the resident GHOULS were changing into their costumes creating the impression of a canteen at some Hammer Horror Movie set.
Later, with Ghoulish bellies well full the natural backdrop of the woods complete with neighbouring cave provided a great atmosphere for a group photo session. (some very impressive photo's).If any film company or writer comes up with the title Frankenstein, Dracula,Igor,and the red caped crusader with the severed arm meet the Hound Dog, just remember We have the rites!
Photo shoot over we retired to the common room to take the chill from our spines  and sample more beer, wines, and SPIRITS. Whoever brought the CD with the 20 or so Hallowe'en tracks well done  absolutely brill.  After listening to the usual traditional spooky tales Campbell alias COUNT DRACULA decided to have a romp through the woods ending up at the local pub to the amusement of the locals no doubt where they kept him provided with 'STAKES'  and BLOODY MARY'S!  (sorry).

Thanks to everybody for making it what it was especially Jo for providing the Chilli, and Rick and Helen for the Breakfasts and Rick again for helping me with the walks.
Pete N
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